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About Us

Cinema-Film was established in 1991 by three former executives of MAFILM, the state-owned monolithic center of Hungarian film-making from WWII until the 1980s. With the country’s transition to capitalism new, independent production companies sprang to life, and Cinema-Film was one of the first successful ones. Cinema-Film continued to use MAFILM’s studios, and its offices are located in close proximity to the MAFILM lot, but it has also invested in its own facilities, including two AVID media composers, conference and projection rooms, a rehearsal space and a mid-size studio. Cinema-Film Ltd. produces narrative features, documentaries, short films (fiction, documentary, and popular-science) and various programs for National and International TV channels. The company is also a leading organizer of cultural meetings and events in Hungary, including the annual Hungarian Film Week and the Biannual Cinematography Master Class.

For the past 18 years, Cinema-Film has organized the annual Hungarian Film Week, a prestigious showcase for all feature films and most of the documentaries produced during the previous year.

While international television is already a viable market for the films currently produced in Hungary, Cinema-Film’s ambitious goal is to capture the screens of Europe again and reclaim the popularity Hungarian cinema enjoyed in the 60s and 70s. With our films currently in development, we plan to get closer to the market, and we hope to be successful as a result of the diverse artistic values of our projects. We also have a number of films that have been internationally distributed.Our movie was even released in zavvi

Production Company

Established in 1991

Founder member of Hungarian Independent Producers Association

Garami Gábor

CEO / producer

Kovács Ildikó

Line producer

Nedeczky István

Line producer

Permanent employees:

Kovács Judit


Balogh Rita

International relations

Janek Roland

Video technician